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Photogenic NYX: 5 Instagram Dos and Dont’s

Instagram has its fair share of trends that must disappear, quickly. Instead of uploading the same images again and again, you are invited to NYX Tel Aviv, offering new photo opportunities for your Instagram page.

Let’s start with 5 Don’ts:

Tan Legs or Hotdogs
It started as a huge trend and pretty fast it turned into a weird and annoying. We’re talking about the pictures of bare and tanned legs, usually with a swimming pool or an exotic beach as backgrounds. These images were all over Instagram and pretty soon users understood they can replace the feminine legs with hot dogs and it would look the same. 2012 is over people, it’s time to let go.

Gym Selfie Posing
We really appreciate the fact you got off the sofa and went to the gym (for us, that was too much to do), but do all people must be aware of that? Besides, you look too clean and not sweating for a workout! These selfies make you look as you went to the gym only to take selfies, not cool at all.

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Less posing, more workout.


Fingernails Images
With all due respect to #Nail Art, just because a cosmetician applied nail polish to your nails, does not mean it is art, or interesting. That rule also stands even if you took the time to paint on your nails, added stones or even a cactus hologram. Instagram is flooded with an increasing number of painted nails images, and we have had enough. Let’s put it in a language for you to understand, stop clinging by your fingernails!

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Wow, turquoise, never seen that before.


It might come as a surprise but, even you just got a perfectly-hearted-latte, it’s still not good enough for your Instagram page. Coffee, as other trends mentioned above, is very popular on Instagram, too popular from where we’re standing. So unless you can draw the Mona Lisa out of rice milk, please don’t upload the coffee photo.

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An image of coffee that made us fall asleep.


Buildings from Below
Even before the age of Instagram, this was one of the most popular photos taken by people (including ourselves) who wanted to feel artistic. Add to this trend many filters and editing options, and you get plenty of photos… that look pretty much the same. We think that we’ve seen enough buildings from street-level. Maybe next time you should try a different angle, or try this crazy idea, don’t photo a building.

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Most popular – Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv.

Yes, we know, we just said goodbye to quite a few Instagram trends. But there’s no need to worry, we will not leave you empty-handed or worse, with an Instagram page with no followers. Here are 5 recommendations for unique photos at NYX Tel Aviv that will make your page one to follow.

NYX Stairs
Stairs over elevator is usually a smart choice, in NYX it is even more so. The hotel’s entire stairwell is decorated with psychedelic graffiti. After you are done admiring it, upload an image to Instagram. You’ll thank us later.


Arcade Machines
Bring some nostalgia to your page. Old-school arcade machines give your page a cool retro vibe. Managed to break a record? Even better, you just won more likes as well as a place in the machine’s Hall of Fame.

מכונת משחק רטרו

The Black Panther
Are you brave enough to come closer? Give the animal a place on your page. We all know that cats are the internet’s rulers, so just imagine what a panther can do. If you are scared to even take a picture from a far, don’t worry, it’s on a leash.

פסל פומה

Modern Art Collection
Good artists copy, great artists steal. We are lucky to have a hotel with so much beautiful, interesting and unique works of art. We allow you to take photos and upload them to your page, as long as you will hashtag #NYX.- NYX.

Artistic Furniture
Whether you will sit on this sofa or not is not the question. Some furniture pieces are so special that they are the perfect Instagram material. Don’t go for the obvious: Look directly at the camera, choose and black&white filter and make the image a little bit darker. The perfect look for a mysterious nocturnal animal.

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