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Jakub, 31

How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
Jakub, 31. I’m fop, finest in the shop, lighthearted chap and city loving snob.

What are you passionate about?
Theatre. Arts. Flowers. Ambivalently enough, I adore both industrial architecture of the beginning of 20th century, and green spots in every city. I love greenhouses and gardens, parks and rivers, places where water evaporates freely from the ground and where trees cast shadows. I love Troja, with its Botanical Garden of Prague, and Holešovice, former heavily industrial suburb, currently being reinvented by young creative souls.

What makes Prague special to you?
People of Prague are very welcoming and very socially and politically conscious, coming from all around the Czech republic and other countries too. And that is why Prague attracts other open minded people who do care, who like to discuss social issues and who like to spread ideas and share their experiences.
Prague offers endless possibilities of making one’s day perfect.
I personally love to end my day visiting one of the many uplifting theatrical productions, or a concert of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

What are your fav spots?
I like “Phill’s 27” for eating. VNITROBLOCK – to have a cup of coffee and buy some little gorgeous things by local designers in the concept store. During sunny days, a glass of wine at ST. CLAIRE´S VINEYARD. Or a bottle. It’s local.
Not to miss, the beautiful building of Veletržní Palác with NATIONAL GALLERY’s ravishing collection of modern art.
Krymská street or Náplavka – to hang out during weekends. Very hip.

How would you describe Prague in one word?

Anything more you want to add?
Come and see for yourself and stay with us.