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Jana, 37

How would you describe yourself?

I´m a receptionist and I am me. An eternal philosopher and a melancholic person. I believe in justice and in karma. I believe that what you give, you get back, and I try to live that way.

What are you passionate about?

Travelling, reading good books and meeting new and interesting people. I’m interested in space, astrology, astronomy, mythology and cosmology. Actually, I wanted to be an astronaut but things did not really work out that way and I did not make it to NASA.

What makes Prague special to you?

Prague is special thanks to its unique atmosphere and energy.

What are your favorite spots?

My fav spot is Café Louvre, a great old-school coffee house running since 1902. When I am hungry for some culture, I visit the beautiful building of the National Theatre. When I need to escape the city and clear my mind, I run to Divoká Šárka valley. I also like Prague’s Botanic Garden with the amazing greenhouse Fata Morgana.

How would you describe Milan in one word?