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Jiří, 33

How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
Jiří, 33
Nothing is impossible!
Live, respect and love : )

What are you passionate about?
I have a big passion for delicious food from all kinds of countries. I love lying in the grass and enjoying the sun as well as traveling to different places, doing sports, listening to my favorite music and watching awesome movies. I also like to spend time with my beloved family and friends.

What makes Prague special to you?
The beautiful river and Old Town atmosphere are my favorites. Here’s a hint for you: Get up at 10 am in the morning, get yourself a yummy morning coffee, a newspapers, sit outside in the sun and start enjoying the beautiful view and atmosphere of Prague.

What are your favorite spots?
My favorite spots are the farmers markets! There is a lot to see and a lot to buy . I love to go out for a stroll along the river and of course through the small streets in the old and new town. Also the island on the river is definitely worth a visit. Explore the Stalin monument on Letná, the great Žižkov district, the Riegr and the beautiful Stromovka parks.

How would you describe Prague?
In short, Prague is the mother of all cities!

Anything more you want to add?
Stay with us at NYX Prague! We know the city, we love the city and we do our best to help you showing you all of our favorite spots and sights around the city! Meet us at the hotel!