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Linda, 35

How would you describe yourself?
Born 35 years ago in the quiet and peaceful mountainous area of Ponte di Legno (Brescia), I have spent most of my professional life working in innovative luxury design hotels in Venice, Rome and Milan where I fell in love for the very best these three cities have to offer: amazing art and architecture; outstanding culinary experiences; great hospitality and – of course – unparallel design and shopping.

What are you passionate about?
Art and culture experiences are on top of my list and a visit to the Last Supper or attending a concert or Opera performance at La Scala Theatre turns my week into something really special Great food combined with delicious wines can’t be forgotten either.
The Risotto al Salto or the Cotoletta Milanese together with a red Italian wine from are among some of my favorite dishes. Architecture, Design, Shopping and, obviously, all Made in ItalyIn summary, I’m passionate for Milan!

What makes Milan special to you?
If you are a city lover, then Milan is like tasting top class wine. It’s a blend of the very best you can find in New York, Paris and London but with the unique italian touch and flavour.

My perfect day is when I take my bicycle and spend the day discovering marvelous courtyards of private palaces and homes that are open to the public as well as hidden gardens of Milan. In Corso Venezia I love the gardens of aristocratic palaces such as Palazzo Isimbardi and Casa Fontana Silvestri, right up to the Gardens of Porta Venezia.

What are your favourite spots?
Milan is a foodies paradise! You can find all sorts of cuisine that cater to everyone’s taste but my heart – and appetite -falls for Italian cuisine.
The Antica Trattoria Salutati (in via Salutati) is a very good example of home made food and is where I always take my friends that visit Milan for the first time and make them try the Milanese specialities. As to cultural attractions, I’ve seen for 27 times the famous Last Supper from Leonardo Da Vinci at Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and it never stops to surprise me.
A hidden secret just 800 meters away is the Church of San Maurizio (Corso Magenta) that is consider by many experts at the Sistine Chapel of Milan…Last – but definitely not least – is where to shop in Milan. The most famous place is the well known Quadrilatero della Moda which is definitely the credit card’s paradise if you are looking for the latest top designer trends.

How would you describe Milan in one word?

Some fun facts about Milan:
1. Milan has the most famous opera house in Europe
2. Milan used to be almost another Venice: the city of water. Nowadays there are still some important water channels in the city, being one of the most famous one called Naviglio Grande.
3. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first water lock for the Milanese Channel
4. The aperitivo is a Milanese tradition 5. One of the most famous paintings of the world is located here: The last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci