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How would you describe yourself?
Marcio, I’m a receptionist at NYX Prague. I moved from Brazil to Prague about 12 years ago and since then I am a huge Prague lover. I’m a former dancer and promotor of events at the night life scene.

What are you passionate about?
I’m really passionate about all kinds of arts and traveling. I love to explore all the street art and installations in different cities. Traveling and discovering new places are always a big adventure for me. Those two are by far my favorite things.

What makes Prague special to you?
Prague is special in so many different ways. I love the feeling of mystery of the streets and the historical old buildings of the city. As any other Brazilian would agree with me, the safety of this city is a huge advantage to such a beautiful place. A perfect day for me in Prague is a summer pick-nick. Afterwards, I would go and take a paddle boat by the river to enjoy the view whilst drinking a beer and chatting with friends. Definitely something to put on your list.

What are your fav spots?
My favorite place in Prague is for sure the beautiful river side. This is the reason why I live so close to it. Whenever I feel like it, I can easily walk there. It is easy to find or do whatever you wish and with us, the city lover, it’s even easier.

How would you describe Prague?
It is very easy for me to describe Prague. I only need one word for it: Breathtaking!