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NYX Tel Aviv – A New Concept Hotel by Fattal

Tel Aviv is a city that’s easy to fall in love with. But really getting to know it, means getting acquainted with its greatest aficionados – those who live it 24/7. Just like a vacation at NYX Tel Aviv: a new concept hotel by Fattal

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that plugs you right into the genuine Tel Aviv scene with a fantastic location, hip playlist, chef dishes everyone’s talking about, and a host of surprises you’ll simply must experience.

NYX Hotel has a perfect Tel Aviv location – Menachem Begin Street – smack in the city’s renovated downtown. You’re just a short walk away from Tel Aviv’s hottest attractions: Rothschild Boulevard, Habima Theater, Yehuda Halevi Street, Neve Zedek, Sarona complex, Azrieli Center, and more.

So what makes a vacation at NYX so insane? It begins with designer Ari Shaaltiel’s original interior design: combining bold colors, subtle decorative features and a very high standard of fittings. The rest is revealed in the hotel’s signature attractions: background music 24/7 played by an in-house DJ live from the lobby, the “Clash” restaurant serving dishes with extreme combinations created for you by Chef Haim Tibi, a gorgeous bar mixing original cocktails, retro Arcade machines, and a roof-top terrace with Chill Out zone and fitness room.

In short, forget everything you know about Tel Aviv, and re-discover it in a pulsing, colorful, hip and daring atmosphere. Book your vacation at the new NYX Tel Aviv concept hotel and fall in love with the city!
Please note: NYX Tel Aviv hotel is not kosher

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