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5 Thing to do in Tel Aviv this winter

It's true. Israeli winter resembles the European summer more than the cold season but still. Warm people in a hot country need comforting indoor places, making the winter more bearable in the rather rare winter days. So if you are wondering what to do in Tel Aviv this winter, we're here to assist. In our things to do in Tel Aviv list you will find 5 great places for a winter day or night. All are within walking distance from NYX Tel Aviv Hotel.

Braverman Gallery

What? Braverman Gallery
Who will enjoy it? Art lovers
Why? It’s one of the best galleries in Tel Aviv to present contemporary and past Israeli art. Visitors will enjoy sculptures, paintings, photos as well as video and performance art.
The gallery is known for some fascinating abstract works. If you are an art enthusiast, stop by.
Where: 12 Hasharon Street, 230 meters/ 3 min walk.



גלריית ברוורמן


Who will enjoy it? People who love Asian tastes, but not only
Why? Led by chef Yuval Ben Neriah, this is one of the best and most popular Asian restaurants in Tel Aviv. The menu includes influences from various countries in the Far East. You can enjoy different street food favorites from India and China in their more refined and stylish versions.
Where? 23 Menachem Begin Street, 230 meters/ 3 min walk




 Bascula – Urban Circus

What? Bascula – Urban Circus
Who will enjoy it? Contemporary performance art lovers
Why? Because circus is not only for children. Bascula is open all day long so you can visit at any time. The site hosts Israeli and international music and movement shows, has a vegan café and has an amazing atmosphere. You know what? Just check it out and see for yourself!
Where? 72 HaRakevet Street, 400 meters, 5 min walk



Man on heels performing pole dance


What? Bakery
Who will enjoy it? People who love pastries and other sweets
Why? Because it’s winter and we’re cold and the thing that can truly comfort us is a good cup of coffee, a croissant or a butter brioche. Or perhaps an Apple Strudel or a yeast cake or maybe something else. At any case, a rainy day is the perfect excuse to sit inside with rain on the window and the aroma of pastries in the air. If your thing is high carb comfort food then this bakery is a great choice. You will probably see us there.
Where? Yad Harutzim Street 15, 450 meters, 6 min walk



Kuli Alma

What? Kuli Alma
Who will enjoy it? Hipsters, artsy-hipsters and others
Why? Because it’s fun! The music? Fun! The Atmosphere? Fun! The people? Are beatiful and it’s fun! The place? Big, colorful, happy, far from mainstream and it’s truly a lot of fun! They have an art gallery and a shop and food and host live music and DJs and it’s one of the few places that offer a holistic experience and we love it, it’s fun! There’s nothing wrong with having fun, is there?

Where? 10 Mikve Israel Street, 600 meters/ 8 min walk



Kuli Alma - Bar in Tel Aviv